chinese male opera singer with fan (line drawing)








Chinese opera singer with fan


Bienvenue welcome (chinese simplified) Welcome welcome (chinese traditional) Willkommen

Oscar B. Oscar, Artist

south east Michigan, USA

Drawings, Oil Paintings, Pastels.

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Flowers I Once Loved, 1
chinese female dancers
towards main street (detail)
drawing of martha graham company, in Appalachian Spring
red, red, red (painting of female nude in front of masks)
drawing of male snarling
painting of river valley

theater deities' entry into detroit in 2014 theater deities painting with grid superimposed chinese coal workers playing cards

anticipation: pregnant woman, assieted by putti as death plays violin

man painting skulls and chrysanths and rosese, seen through several mirrors View
curious camel naked man and woman preening before leaving

Preparing to go out for the evening. (2013)

Le Nain Rouge, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, et Mère Minique, La Sorcière (2015)

lambert street stage scenes

New! "Lambert Street" opening

Action drawings

annoyance 2012

"Oprah's Last Show", "Steamwerkz" and other Annoyance Theater events

from live theater!