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Show Dates:                        March 5-28, 2014

Opening Reception:                        March 7, 2014, 6-9 PM

Mid-Month Reception:         March 21, 2014, 6-9 PM

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Oscar B. Oscar is passionate about still lifes, landscapes, figure paintings, dance and theater, portraits, and interiors.  Light, composition, form, flesh, color, human relationships and emotional atmosphere are important in his art.  His interests in the visual and performing arts are fairly broad.  Many action drawings were done at dance, music and dramatic performances.  His show will consist of two-dimensional work, mostly oil paintings.


He has lived mainly around the American Midwest and has travelled internationally.  Currently his home is in Ann Arbor but he has, for brief periods, lived in Detroit.  His artistic development represents self-education for the most part.


His painting, “Theater Deities Entry into Detroit in 2014” was inspired by the current state of Detroit.  It shows his appreciation of Detroit’s merits and his wishes for its future in education, business, and community.  The painting proclaims the need for personal responsibility, integrity of our public figures, strong investment in education, and recognition of local creativity.



 “Theater Deities Entry into Detroit in 2014” by Oscar B. Oscar

(48’ x 60”) Unfinished